Technology Consulting

Technology is the lifeblood of performance marketing.  We create various technology products for use in our own business, and we've been developing technology products and providing custom programming for thousands of online businesses since 1996.

If you need direction on how to implement a new process or if you're having trouble managing your existing technology, our years of experience can help.  And, if you're in need of a scalable, robust, dynamic web application designed for end-users and administrators alike, while integrating with marketing processes, social media and back end systems -- we could be the company you need.

Internet Marketing-Focused Technology Consulting Services

Marketers -- especially us Affiliate Marketers -- come up with some really great ideas.  (Admittedly, sometimes, they're just plain crazy.) When we have this new idea, or want to implement a successful strategy in our business, we run into the technology hurdle:  "How do I implement this most efficiently, and how will it work?"

Also, we want to launch new projects that we've had on the table for some time, yet hesitate launching because we're unsure where to start, or if it will cost too much to try it.

Our years of experience can help you uncover the most efficient and cost-effective method of deploying these strategies or new projects, and set you on the right path.  You're not alone.

Special Technology Projects

Are you running into data-integration issues, scalability concerns, or need automation in your business?  We can help make your life simpler, more productive and more profitable by providing you with "just the right technology".  We do this all the time in our business -- let us help you.

WebApp Development

In 1998, we were one of the first providers of software using the "ASP" model (Application Software Provider) and have produced several user-friendly, feature-rich, robust, and scalable web applications since then.  The factors in successful development, deployment and administration of Web App projects are many, and require an immursion into the business of the Web App we develop.

We hand-pick our clients and only take on a limited amount of full-blown Web Application projects.  Why are we so selective?  It's simple:  Limited time.  Our business primarily focuses on our own technology needs.  But, when the right project comes along, with the right people and the right opportunity -- we focus our efforts on the project as if it's our own.

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